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Lab Furniture - BEMA Labs

The laboratory furniture Bema Labs is suitable for intensive and daily use. Due to the fact that it is installed according to ergonomic, modular, versatile and safe standards, it meets the expectations of professionals from different areas.

BEMA Labs laboratory and hospital benches are supported on a detachable metallic structure, which can be articulated to form wall or island benches of various lenghts and heights. These must be installed according to ergonomics, modularity, versatility and safety standards.

The benches have high structural stability and are impact, abrasion and corrosion resistant. The surfaces are smooth and easy to clean. A clean, functional design is guaranteed, with excellent quality, based on compliance with all established EU standards.

Covema also sells below bench solutions by BEMA Labs, with drawers, doors or both together, as well as above bench solutions to maximize the workplace.

Washbasins made of various materials such as stainless steel, among others, can be installed in the lower countertops.

Discover our solutions for hospital furniture. We supply the right materials, know-how and specialized technical support.

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