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Covema has a wide range of MDF boards for your needs.

Raw Fibralac MDF

This is a Finsa® brand board with a smooth surface, good dimensional stability and low absorption of water, varnishes and solvents.

Raw Water Repellent MDF

Raw Water Repellent MDF is a board for use in humid environments, with greater resistance to the effects of humidity.

MDF Raw Fireproof

MDf Fireproof is a homogeneous, high density, low flammability board.

Normal Raw MDF

MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. The wood fibers are bonded and compacted together with synthetic resin.

Veneered MDF

Medium Density Fibreboard with the surface coated with a wood veneer.

Thin Veneered MDF

Thin MDF boards covered with natural wood veneer used essentially for furniture backs.

Laminated MDF

MDf Laminate is a Medium Density Fibreboard with a decorative melamine surface.

Thin Laminated MDF

Thin Laminated MDF is coated with melamine paper and is used essentially for the back of furniture.