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Veneered MDF


Medium Density Fibreboard with the surface coated with woodveneer.

Veneered MDF boards may have several types of veneer on each of the faces.
A/A - face and back face of the same kind and quality.
A/B - face and back face of the same species, but with a lower quality back face.
A/C - face of the required species and undifferentiated and non-decorative back face.

2440 x 1220; 2440 x 1830; 2500 x 1850; 2500 x 1880; 2750 x 1830.

8mm; 10mm; 12mm; 15mm; 16mm; 18mm; 19mm; 22mm; 25mm; 28mm; 30mm.

Other formats and thicknesses on request.

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mdf veneer covema


 - Kitchen furniture

 - Wardrobes  

 - General Furniture and Decoration

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