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kitchen touch matt

Aesthetics and functionality

They are an architectural and interior design trend - kitchens with an island have also become a must have in the Portuguese market.

Supplied by Covema, all Bloma® doors and fronts in this kitchen are from the Touch collection in Corda Light Grey with a Matt finish. Touch doors not only bring a touch of sophistication to kitchen furniture, but also improve the experience of using the kitchen dues to their anti-fingerprint properties.

Developed and designed by Forming, this kitchen stands out for its modern design, with a practical touch of elegance thanks to the central island.

The modular system developed by Forming, and produced by Covema, meets the demands of customers, in a perfect marriage of aesthetics and functionality.

"Touch Doors" have several advantages: anti-fingerprint, repairable, high resistance to scratches, abrasion, friction and heat, modern finishes and sophisticated environments.

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