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aluminium doors


Interior and exterior doors - innovative solution in aluminium.

Aluminium provides greater strength and durability, allowing the effectiveness and innovation of the material to be combined with a unique and modern design.

This new concept of interior and exterior doors that combines aesthetics and functionality, comes in a variety of models, smooth, textured and wood finishes, and with accessories to create custom combinations.

Ideal for demanding and heavy duty settings (hotels, gyms, shools, public institutions, commercial establishments, restaurants, public places, etc).

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Main Advantages:

- Anti-humidity (resistant to humidity and contact with water)

- Anti-microorganisms (100% against woodworm, termites and other insects)

- Easy Assembly

- Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

- Versatile (can be installed in both aluminium and wooden pre-frames)

- Adjustable (to the project)

- Thermal insulation

- Antibacterial (can be supplied with an antibacterial finish)


Prices on request.